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How Fide Freight Remains At The Forefront Of The Freight Industry

A Family-Owned and Operated Business You Can Trust

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When trusting a freight company with your load, you want someone who is reliable and on-time. You want to have peace of mind that when your load leaves its source that it will arrive safe and sound at its destination.

Fide Freight offers transportation services that ensure dependable service every time. Our mission is to be your logistics solution. Below, we’ll go over how we remain at the forefront of the freight industry. Contact us to get started today!

truck connected by technology



Our freight and logistics company keeps up with the latest in technology so that we can always be improving our services for our customers and saving them money. We offer real-time tracking of your load, so you can know exactly where it is at all times. In addition, we offer the lowest shipping costs for your industry, so give us a call to get started today.

man getting out of a semi truck



Fide Freight is transparent with our customers about any and all of our logistics processes. Any question you have, we have an answer to, and we always keep you in the loop about your transportation loads. We offer transparent pricing too so you’ll know the cost upfront.

man holding clipboard for shipping 

Extensive Industry Experience


Fide Freight not only has years of experience in providing transportation solutions for open deck, enclosed, and expedited services, but we also have extensive experience in many industries. We understand what your industry requires, and we work diligently to ensure your needs are met.

semi truck driving down the road 

Fully-Vetted Carriers


We don’t entrust your load to anyone; each of our carriers must pass a rigorous vetting process that entails background checks, reference checks, and more in order to ensure that your load is in the best of hands. We also check their driving record to ensure they are compliant with insurance and have a great safety record.


Fide Freight wants to create an above and beyond experience with all of our customers. We aim for the best customer service, and we hope to make some small improvement every day. If you are looking for a transportation and freight company that you can trust, call us today!

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