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Hemp Shipment Seized.. Then Returned with Apology

Reno, Nevada – 4/22/2021


Fide Freight had a hemp shipment temporarily seized on 4/22/2021, then returned to us on 4/23/2021 with an apology from the local sheriffs department. Yes, our shipment was seized because our consignee (receiver) hung up on the police after they announced themselves. Fide Freight’s leadership team and Operations personnel were in the ear with the officer, their dispatch, and their Sergeant throughout the night. Unfortunately, the only deal we could strike with the officer was to let the driver go and test the product for potency.  An effort between the team lead to this reasonable offer and Fide Freight humbly accepted the challenge.

The shipment was shipped from Sacramento CA area and heading to Philadelphia PA. Fide was utilizing an extended sprinter to carry 1250 lbs of compliant industrial hemp flower across the entire United States. Unfortunately, we ran into some issues in Reno. Officer Dunham, with Washoe County Sheriffs department stopped the driver around 2 pm PST. He proceeded to call all the numbers on the BOL and COA to make sure all stories aligned before releasing our shipment. All stories matched until he called the receiver, who hung up on the officer and refused to answer.

Officer Dunham and Sergeant Wood agreed to take a small sample in for testing in their forensic department within the Sheriffs department. Their professionalism and trust in us allowed for a smooth transition of ownership while test was being conducted. Throughout the process, Fide’s driver was released with no issues. The lab that issued the COA contacted the Sheriffs department and reassured them that the tests were not fabricated, furthering the cause.

The following day, Jon Wilcox received two calls from the Washoe County Sheriffs Department saying they were sorry for the delays but it was hard to not double check with a shipment of that quantity. They explained that they have made a note that all Fide drivers will be given the benefit of the doubt when stopped in their county.


Don’t risk your shipments with an inexperienced team or with a team that doesn’t care. Fide’s team was on the phone from 5 pm EST until Midnight talking to the police and lawyers to ensure that they knew we care and that we expect to get this released. We left emails, voicemails, recorded statements with dispatch and all police officers that would answer. Do not risk your shipment with any other logistics company. Fide Freight is tested and will come through for you and your hemp company. We have had a shipment seized, then returned with an apology.

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