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State-by-state compliance

Our extensive guide on a state-by-state level. Learn more about when you need permits, escorts, pole cars, bucket trucks, and police escorts.

FRP Tanks

Knowing how to properly load and transport these fiberglass tanks is essential to the success of our customer. Learn more about the equipment and the knowledge of transporting FRP Tanks.


Construction sites cannot wait for their equipment to arrive. Every day can cost thousands of dollars. Learn more about safely and quickly shipping excavators.


Bulldozers are essential on every job. Knowing when you can and cannot have the blade on while transporting can eliminate delays and hazards of transporting these heavy machines.


Most are unaware of the necessary equipment to move these oversized harvesters. Slide outriggers are specially designed to accommodate the wide stance of these machines. Learn more here. 


The wide array of makes, models, duals, and complexity of weights can cause huge delays to a novice tractor transport agent. Get your tractor rolling safely and efficiently with our experts. 

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Heavy Haul Blog

Fide Freights Heavy Haul Blog goes into the intricacies of shipping heavy, wide, or tall shipments. Our team of experts have the experience to safely transport your most difficult objects. If you need a unique item moved, call us and put us up to the challenge.

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