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Family-Owned , Dedicated Professionals and Unbelievable Customer Service.


We are a family-owned company that started in September of 2019. One month later, we ingrained ourselves in shipping hemp and CBD products and within two months we were the industry leader. Since then, we’ve positioned ourselves to solve and service all of the hard-to-cover freight including expedited, over dimensional, cross border, multi drop, and requirement heavy shipments.

Our #1 priority is to provide an above and beyond service on every shipment. In order to do that, we continue to build careers, develop systems and processes, and invest in technology. We are confident that we’ve figured out the formula to service the hardest-to-cover freight so the simple freight comes easy to our teams.


We choose service over size. We believe that our small focused teams are the most efficient at solving the complex issues in freight. As a company, we aren’t striving to be the biggest logistics company with a “growth at any cost” model. Unlike other growing logistics companies, we hire slow and develop individuals so we can build stronger relationships with our clients.


Customers appreciate professionals. To be a leader in this industry, you need to build careers in individuals. The more our team cares, the better service and stronger relationships we build. We put resources in giving our teams the time and tools they need to develop both personally and professionally. Fide always has a monetary goal that ties in with the amount of careers we are going to build to get there.

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