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Bad weather has caused a plethora of issues for most logistics companies across the U.S. With historic snow storms parading across most of the continental United States, we have experienced road closures, power outages, and cancellations from our shippers and consignees like never before. According to Caitlin Owens and Shawna Chen, writers for, the […]
Hemp Transportation
The transportation of Industrial hemp has come a long ways from last year. Fide Freight has been working tirelessly with the DOT, Law Enforcement, AG Checkpoints, US Customs, and Border Patrol to enable us to transport hemp effectively and efficiently. The daily work load that each of our employees endure is more than your typical […]
Hemp Transportation – Basics   Hemp Transportation is a combination of knowledge, skill, and availability. Any logistics professional can claim to be an expert in hemp transportation, but are they really giving your shipment the best service? Well, to find out, it is important to ask them a few questions to thoroughly vet their hemp […]
Hemp fiber bales are an increasingly popular commodity in the United States. It is easier and faster to grow when compared to growing trees. Most farmers have been growing hemp for the CBD it possesses, but fiber is on the rise. Fide Freight has seen an up-tick in fiber bale transports and we have the […]
EU Hemp THC Limit Increase
Finally, EU Parliament Increased THC Limit For Hemp. The new limit, which was previously 0.2%, is now up to 0.3% total THC. This is huge for anyone trying to ship compliant hemp products from the U.S. to the EU. We can now ship most of what is compliant here to our European business partners.   […]
Fide Freight offers a superior hemp shipping service when compared to USPS. Our customers actually save money for these reasons.
Helping the Hemp Industry during the Western Wildfires The deadly and devastating wildfires in the Western United States are forcing the U.S. hemp industry to scramble, as it attempts to save and preserve its crops both in the field and already in storage. Fide has been there to help the local farmers during the wildfires. […]
55 Gallon Drum Shipment
The complexity behind transportation costs and trends. Why rates change and where are they today. Cost to ship hemp.
There has been a lot of speculation on whether or not Delta-8 would remain legal or not. Although many thought the hemp canabinoid would remain legal throughout the year, it did not. The Drug Enforcement Administration stated, “As a result, a cannabis derivative, extract, or product that exceeds the 0.3% Δ9 -THC limit is a […]
Less-than-truckload (LTL) is a common reference to shipping something that doesn’t consume a lot of space, say under 6 pallets. The remaining space is consumed by another shipper. LTL is a more economical and environmentally friendly way of shipping cargo that is too large for UPS ground but too small for a dedicated truck. LTL […]

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