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Before we go over where the industry standard is, it is important to note that the industry is still strong, but oversaturated. It seems the only way to make it is through strong relationships, efficient supply chains, and a product that is truly different or well known. Fide Freight is proud to say that we […]
Another sad story of someone who tried to send their hemp through USPS. A company in Elmwood was sending 400 lbs of hemp flower through the mail. According to USPS rules, they can ship the hemp as long as they have proper documentation showing the authenticity of the shipment. Unfortunately, Boyca the drug sniffing dog […]
What is the most cost effective method to ship 100-2000 lbs of hemp biomass or hemp flower? We offer our expedited sprinter van service. These vans can hold up to 3 standard pallets worth of cargo and are by far the most cost effective option we have. They are uniquely beneficial for anyone who is […]
Does our insurance cover hemp? Yes. The Fide Freight team has been working on this issue for some time now. We have explored countless options that were over-priced, that had very little coverage, and that claimed to cover, but did not. It was a very tough task to complete but we are proud to say […]
Less-than-truckload (LTL) is a common reference to shipping something that doesn’t consume a lot of space, say under 6 pallets. The remaining space is consumed by another shipper. LTL is a more economical and environmentally friendly way of shipping cargo that is too large for UPS ground but too small for a dedicated truck. LTL […]
One of the most common questions we incur is about international shipments. The US hemp market is taking off and other international markets are not quite there in terms of cannabinoid content. That is why buyer’s are coming to the US to acquire hemp, preferably that contains 10+ percent CBD content. 3 Reasons Hemp Shipments […]
Smokable hemp flower is as close to “hot” marijuana as you can get in terms of smell and look. That’s concerning for individuals trying to ship the hemp. However, it isn’t any more difficult than shipping biomass or live plants. You must always have the proper documentation, professional packaging, and a well-versed carrier who is […]
Yes, hemp is still being seized. We hear about it at least once a week where officers mistake hemp for marijuana and the entire shipment gets seized. This scares everyone who is in the industry because it is crucial when setting up deals to have a reliable and secure transportation company that will get your […]
This question always comes up when we are talking with new clients. The simple answer is that it depends on how you package it into your truck. There are a few different methods that farmers have utilized to get the most weight in a truck. All of these methods will pertain to a 53′ enclosed […]
The hemp industry has learned a lot this season. Some people have learned that trust is essential for these orders to work, some have learned that not everyone works in their best interest, and others have learned that it is not for them. Here at Fide, we are working to make everything a bit easier […]

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