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Shipping Hemp Flower

Smokable hemp flower is as close to “hot” marijuana as you can get in terms of smell and look. That’s concerning for individuals trying to ship it.

You must always have the proper documentation, professional packaging, and a well-versed carrier who is willing to haul it.

Let’s go through some common questions about transporting hemp flower.

How Much Can Fit in One Truck?

Hemp flower is packaged in all different types of packaging from boxes, totes, bags, or a combination of both. The most efficient way to package hemp is to vacuum seal the flower and place it in large totes or bags.


Hemp Flower Shipment
Hemp Flower Shipment

Once you have your hemp flower ready for transport you may wonder how much can fit in each truck.

There are 4 different options: sprinter vans, box trucks, dry van, and refrigerated vans.

Each specific truck has weight capacities but generally it is more about dimensions because we don’t want to squoosh the hemp flower.

  • Sprinter Vans — capacity of 1000-1200 lbs of hemp flower per shipment. They are 12′ long, 4′ wide, and about 5-6′ tall.
  • Box Trucks — capacity of 5000-6000 lbs of hemp flower per shipment. All box trucks are 7.5-8′ wide, 8′ tall, and vary from 12-26′ long depending on the clients needs.
  • Dry Vans and Refrigerated Trucks — largest trucks we have and can hold up to 9,000-14,000 lbs of hemp flower per shipment. All dry vans and refrigerated trucks are 8′ wide, 8′ tall, and 53′ long.
Shipping Hemp Flower By Vehicle
Shipping Hemp Flower By Vehicle

Optimal Methods of Shipping Hemp Flower (By Weight)

When we talk to our clients about shipping hemp flower we have one question before we do anything. How much flower are you shipping?


Sprinter Van Hemp Flower
Sprinter Van Hemp Flower

If you are trying to ship 20 lbs across the country then we probably don’t have a solution for you due to how inexpensive the value of the cargo is. Using us generally makes sense at 100+ lbs of hemp flower.

0-100 lbs:

You should look into shipping via UPS or DHL if you have a shipment that isn’t in a time crunch. These services offer a high-risk solution but are the least expensive. If this is a time sensitive shipment and you need it there as soon as possible make sure to request an instant quote today.

100-1200 lbs:

At this point, your cargo could be worth $12,000+ and you wouldn’t want to risk this using a common carrier (UPS or DHL) because it could be confiscated or stolen. We recommend inquiring about the sprinter van service as they are relatively inexpensive and are always secured in the van with heavy duty alarm systems.

1200-5000 lbs:

For a larger shipment of hemp flower you would want to use a dedicated box truck. These trucks have gates in the back that closed and locked with a heavy duty pad lock. For extra security, you can request a tamper proof seal that will let you know if anyone has opened the gate prior to drop off.

5000+ lbs:

The largest shipments of hemp flower should be shipping with a 53′ semi (dry van or refrigerated). We usually see a lot more biomass shipments going out on these trucks but occasionally will get a large hemp flower shipments. Same concept as a box truck with tamper proof seals and pad locks for the security of your cargo.

Advantages of Using Fide Freight

Sometimes we aren’t the best solution for your shipment and your dedicated account manager will let you know that. But a majority of the time we can help you out in more ways than another provider.

Dedicated Account Manager: Door-To-Door, Scheduling, Changes In-Transit

This is by far the biggest advantage we offer over USPS. Think about the questions below:

  • How close is your relationship with your logistics provider?
  • Do they offer you specials and help you out when you have hard questions?
  • Have you ever had a shipment in-transit and the drop location changed or no one would be available at drop-off for a few hours?

Many providers aren’t accommodating and don’t provide 1-on-1 support 24/7. At Fide, you’ll be able to text/call your account manager anytime about any problem or need you have.

Our personalized service provides you with everything you need to make a shipment go smoothly. We provide a door-to-door service that works around your schedule. All you have to do is tell your personal logistics rep the size of your shipment and they will find the most effective solution and accommodate to your needs.

Economical: Cost Effective

As we explained earlier, UPS is cheaper to ship when you look at the raw cost of shipping. However, we can be very competitive when it comes to orders over 100 lbs of hemp flower.

Next time you ship a package with UPS calculate the time it takes you to prepare for the shipment and getting it setup in UPS’s system. Give us a call and we take it from there. Have one ag license and COA for our driver and begin loading where you want! It’s that easy.

Reliability: Zero Confiscations & Hold Ups

We’ve all heard the story of a licensed UPS hemp handler getting their package held up or the logistics provider who said they had a solution but a truck never showed up.

It’s unknown why and when UPS will hold up your package, this happens all the time and UPS hasn’t responded publicly to the problem.

We create special routings and driving schedules to ensure that we won’t be in any problem areas. To date, we have never had a package confiscated. Our driver’s understand exactly what they are hauling and how to handle any issues with law enforcement.

Are These Loads Insured?

Most companies do not have hemp-specific cargo insurance. It is very important to request a copy of their insurance and call their agent to ensure that it covers industrial hemp.

We currently carry $100,000 in cargo insurance but have options to add a one-time rider for all-risk insurance.

All-Risk Insurance

Fide Freight is pleased to offer All-Risk insurance upon request. We can obtain up to $5,000,000 in all-risk hemp cargo insurance coverage.

Please locate our hemp insurance calculator to see how much it will cost to cover your next big shipment.

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