Interstate Hemp Transport

Hemp Transport within the United States was made possible by the 2018 Farm Bill. You can transport hemp interstate and intrastate (inside or across state lines). It can be a challenge to find the right carriers for your load that provides the right service and is willing to ship hemp and biomass. We work with growers and processors in all states across the country and require the following documents to make a shipment:

  • COA’s for every shipment and a copy of the COA for all batches
  • Letters from both parties stating the use and delivery locations. This can be clearly stated on the BOL.
  • Registration from both parties involved.

Hemp Transport – The Basics


Hemp Transportation is a combination of knowledge, skill, and availability. Any logistics professional can claim to be an expert in hemp transportation, but are they really giving your shipment the best service? Well, to find out, it is important to ask them a few questions to thoroughly vet their hemp experience.

First, ask them about permits. Yes, there are permits for certain states. Anyone who says there are no permits does not have the experience to haul your hemp safely. To be frank, they probably boot-legged your hemp shipment through these states. This is concerning for anyone risking their hemp shipment with an unqualified logistics person.

Second, question the price. Yes, it is expensive to ship hemp the right way. This is due to a number of factors like dedicated vehicles, high freight costs (currently), high-risk commodity, and a number of smaller reasons. If someone is offering you an LTL option, then reject it. LTL Carriers are known for delays, damages, returns and in rare cases, seizures. Take my word for it, as I have worked in an LTL carriers terminal as a dock worker. They do not care about your shipment. It is a cram everything you can in a truck to get it to the next terminal. If it breaks, then oh well. Just another drop in the bucket.

Third, do they have the skill? What I mean by this is when the police have your shipment pulled over on the side of the highway, do they have the skill to pursued that police officer that it is in fact a lawful shipment? 1 out of 10 shipments of ours is stopped by law enforcement. My team and I are fielding calls all day and night to protect our customers and our reputation. We understand that having the proper documentation is enough, but law enforcement can stop your hemp shipment and test it if they want. To avoid this, we answer the phones are make the calls out to protect and legitimize our customers shipments. Getting them back on the road is our main priority.

Finally, knowledge. Do they have it? Question them rigorously. Use what you learned here to get the right answers. Ask them about how law enforcement tests, what they test for, etc. See if they know what they are doing, or if they are just “sending it”. It is  your shipment on the line and I can assure you no insurance company will cover negligence. You may find yourself in a court room trying to recover/salvage what you can from a disaster of a mistake.

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Hemp Transport – Fide Freights Way

Transporting Hemp is what we do best. When it comes to doing it right, we are the go-to for many large hemp firms. Fide Freight will get you the correct transportation solution with our massive network of drivers and owner operators. Everyone will be available to help, when you need it.

Fide Freight has been recognized for our excellence in hemp transportation in Hemp Benchmarks, Hemp Today, Analytical Cannabis, Future4200 and a few smaller outlets. We have helped over 200 customers with hauling hemp bales, biomass (supersacks), hemp flower, crude, distillate, isolate, and more.

International Hemp Shipments

We fully comply with federal and state regulations as they change and would like to get an opportunity to lessen your workload by contracting some of your recurring lanes. Fide Freight has been sending compliant hemp shipments to the EU with our rigorous documentation and vetting process. We leverage strong relationships with airlines and US customs to help mitigate the risk. In return, our customers are able to open up to new markets and make more money.
Canada is fair game. We have successfully transported truck loads (yes big truck loads) of hemp biomass into Canada with proper permits and clearance. Fide’s attention to detail helps enable our customers to reach new markets. Again, this is by using our relationships and our thorough vetting process to enable our customers. Learn how by reaching out to or calling us today.
If you are interested, please contact me directly via email or phone (below). I appreciate your time and the opportunity to help you with future projects. You can also click here to go to our hemp resource center. We do not hide the facts, we embrace and share them with our clients. Please do your own research to ensure the best service possible, with whoever you chose.
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Partnering with a transportation company like Fide Freight provides stability and peace of mind when shipping your hemp and biomass products. We navigate through complicated shipping requirements so you can ship more efficiently.

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    24/7 Hours Support

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    Transparent Pricing

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