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Tractor Transport Professionals
Tractor Transport Professionals

Our drivers have 40+ years of experience in hauling heavy equipment. We get it done right.

Carrier Vetting
Carrier Vetting

Our carriers go through a rigorous vetting process to ensure they are compliant with insurance and have a satisfactory safety rating.

Transparent Pricing
Transparent Pricing

We offer quotes within 15 minutes and provide everything included in shipping your goods upfront.

Tractor Shipping Company

Shipping TractorsIf you are looking for a company to ship your tractor, then you have come to the right place. Fide Freight is your Tractor Shipping Company! We partner with farmers, dealers, and auctions to ship tractors all over the United States. Fide understands that shipping tractors is unlike anything else. They are difficult because of their shape, size, and weight.

That is why you want a trusted partner to transport your tractor. Fide has perfected the process and has compiled a list of standard operating procedures to differentiate us from other shipping company’s. That is why Fide Freight is highly recommended by anyone who gives us a try as their tractor shipping company. Call for our tractor shipping services!

Tractor Shipping and Insurance

Fide will insure every tractor shipped with us up to (but not limited to) $100,000! This will take the worry out of any farmer, dealer, auction, or tractor owner out there. Give the tractor shipping experts a call today and find out how we can save you money and give you the best service for your tractor shipment.

Best Company’s to Ship Tractors

Always do your due diligence when obtaining quotes on your tractor shipment. Fide is well-known in the industry for our responsiveness, speed, and overall customer service. That is why we are recommended by our tractor shipping customers. Call one of our friendly and experienced tractor shipping sales reps today and we will consult you on the best method to transport your tractor.

Compare Tractor Shipping Rates

After you request a quote, Fide Freight will automatically search for the best tractor shipping rates for you. We will find the most optimal truck, with the best driver, to quickly and effectively move your tractor. Our service is superior because we care about your tractor shipment. Give us a call today and learn more about our tractor shipping service!

Large Tractors

Shipping Combines/HarvestersThere is no tractor too big to ship. Fide will ship any sized tractor. We have the experience and know-how to ship large over-dimensional & over weight tractors. Fide has complete tractor shipments that require permits, escorts, and event police escorts in some cases. Every tractor shipment will arrive with updates along the way. Find out why we are so highly recommend with tractor shipping. We can ship John Deere, IH, New Holland, and just about every brand.

Long Distance Tractor Shipping

The longer the better. We will be able to negotiate better shipping rates for your tractor shipment if you are shipping long distances. If you have a tractor shipment that is going 2000 miles or more, then we would be able to save you money by pairing it with other cargo, including some of our other tractors. This would essentially make your tractor shipment less expensive by sharing a ride. Every tractor will be safely secured by a professional and we will monitor it until it is delivered. Rest assured your tractor is in good hands here at Fide Freight. Learn more about partial tractor shipping rates here.

Tailored Transport Solutions

We support all businesses and provide reliable, efficent and affordable transportation solutions

Heavy Haul

No matter the size or obstacle Fide Freight strives to be the go-to solution for any challenging scenario. From legal to over-dimensional shipments, Fide using their knowledge and experience to guide the way.

Full Truckload / LTL Freight

Shipments come in all different sizes and we have a economical and reliable solution for your freight. We help optimize your shipping options.

Power Only

If you have a trailer that you need moved to the next job site or warehouse we can do it. We will bring the truck and let you organize the trailer how you want it. When your ready we will come grab the trailer and take it where it needs to go.

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