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Lowest Shipping Cost

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Real-Time Tracking

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Transparent Pricing

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How Do I Ship My Company’s Hemp?


Plan Your Company’s Hemp Transportation Carefully

Shipping 20,000 lbs – Medford, Oregon

Fide Freight has been the leaders in Hemp Transport since 2019. Hemp transportation is a tricky and difficult thing to do correctly. Hauling hemp throughout the year has been a difficult task as we have seen a higher inspection rate then other commodities.  Hemp is federally legal but not without heavy regulation.  Hemp cultivation and processing requires compliance with either federal regulations from the previous Hemp Pilot program, or another state law authorizing hemp’s cultivation. USDA has until 2020 to release its final hemp regulations. Hemp commodity markets have not fully matured.

The 2020 growing season will be the largest in the United State’s in decades.  Hemp shipments will come up, and law enforcement might confuse the crop for the unlawful marijuana. Here’s how to get your hemp transported to its destination safely.

Fide Freight is a complete logistics solution for transporting hemp and CBD products. Our team has specialized in understanding the rules and regulations of each state while following the DEA, USDA, and DOT on their interpretations of the 2018 Farm Bill.

Large or small, we will move it all! Fide has a massive network that allows us to get your product moved when you need it moved. Our capacity allows us to move small flower shipments to huge hemp combines. Whatever you need, we can get it done the first time.

Fide has been recognized by a few hemp news sites like Hemp Benchmarks, Hemp Today, National Hemp Association, and a few smaller magazines as well. They have took an interest in Fide for the quality of work we do with hemp transportation. Our team has represented the company in a positive way and we hope to continue to lead the industry will opening new opportunities to our customers.

Understand The Legalities

Hemp is much different than other commodities due to the nature of the cannabis plant.

We  always provide our clients with a procedure for the transportation of the hemp shipment. This includes a package documenting all of the COAs, registrations and a bill of lading explaining the weight and lot numbers of the shipment.

Have A Certificate Of Analysis (COA) Readily Available

Hemp Transportation cannot be done without a certificate of Analysis. A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a promise made by a testing facility as to the contents of the hemp that was tested.  The testing facility must be approved by the state. These testing companies analyze your cannabis, either hemp or marijuana, and provide a COA as to what is in it.  The COA should include:

    • Lab that Performed the Test
    • Cannabinoid Profile
    • Third Party Lab
    • Heavy Metal Analysis
    • Pesticide Analysis

Proper hemp shipping requires having an independent third party COA.

Plan Your Hemp Transportation Route

This is where we can help you out. We utilize an updated state-by-state citation summary that allows us to map out a route to greatly reduce any chance of your shipment not making it. Idaho is now considered a safe state although you must follow strict restrictions, see our guide here.

Truck Security

All of our trucks are able to be locked up with tamper-proof and security alarm systems. Our drivers are able to provide pictures of the hemp prior to shipping and our hemp specific cargo insurance covers you in case something does happen.

Additional Services

Fide has been working closely with the European Union and Airlines to ship hemp products safely and compliantly. We are proud to say that we can ship compliant hemp products to the EU via air freight. Please reach out to us if you are interested.

Canada has been a highly requested location to ship to. It seems the Canadian market has higher pricing for hemp and CBD products. Fide has completed the process of shipping truckloads (yes, multiple) of biomass into Canada. Contact us if you would like to do the same!

Looking for a place to store your product? Fide has you covered. We have developed strategic relationships with established warehouses who are excited to store your product. Reach out to learn more.

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