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Arkansas Over-Size and Heavy Guide

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Arkansas Over-Size and Heavy Guide

This page is a guide to the general wide, tall and heavy transportation rules, regulations, and permits. We have sourced links at the bottom of this page to get our readers all of the information possible. Our goal and purpose is to enable any person to move high, wide and heavy loads throughout America. For more information or to request a quote, please click here. 

Arkansas Width Guide

Legal Width Limit: Eight (8) feet and six (6) inches and Eight (8) feet for manufactured homes.

Permit Width Range: Any width between legal width limit (above) and 1 Escort width (below).

Width Escort Qty 1: Loads greater than twelve (12) feet and up to Fourteen (14) feet wide require

Width Escort Qty 2: Loads greater than fourteen (14) feet wide require one (1) front and one (1) rear escort on all roads.

Super Load: Any width over sixteen (16) feet wide.

Special: An officer of command rank of the Arkansas Highway Police Division many require additional escorts as deemed necessary for the safety of traveling public. The permittee must obtain or furnish the escort vehicle(s) as prescribed in these rules. The maximum permitted width authorized to move on interstate highways is eighteen (18) feet. 

Arkansas Height Guide

Legal Height Limit: The overall height of the load on the trailer cannot exceed Thirteen (13) feet and six (6) inches.

Permit Height Range: Any height between legal height limit (above) and 1 Escort height (below).

Height Escort Qty 1: Loads greater than fifteen (15) feet, must have an escort with clearance bar that exceeds six (6) inches past the permitted height.

Survey and Bucket Trucks: If the overall height of the vehicle or load exceeds seventeen feet (17′), the mover shall obtain written agreement signed by the owners of overhead facilities (utilities, traffic signals, etc.) along the route and the move shall be accompanied by representatives of the owners. If the owners of the utilities do not wish to accompany the move, the mover shall obtain letters from the owners indicating they are aware of the height of the over height load and do not desire to have a representative accompany the move.

Super Load: Total height above sixteen (17) feet. Will need bucket trucks and survey.

Arkansas Length Guide

Legal Length Limit: Fifty Three (53) Feet and Six (6) inches with the trailer. Overall Length Sixty (60) feet.

Legal Overhang (Front and Rear): Three (3) feet. Max overhang with permit is Twenty (20) Feet.

Permit Length Range:

  • If the overall length of the truck, trailer, and load combination does not exceed ninety feet (90′) and neither the vehicle, trailer, nor load exceeds the maximum width or height as provided in Arkansas Code Annotated 27-35-206 and 27-35-207, the vehicle may travel at any time by obtaining a permit.
  • IF the overall length of the truck, trailer, and load combinations exceeds Ninety Feet (90′), the vehicle shall only travel during daylight hours and on days not listed as holidays.

Length Escort Qty 1: If load is 75′ to 95′ on a 2 load road you will need one rear pilot car (escort).

Front & Rear Police Escorts: Front and rear law enforcement escorts are required for lengths greater than 150 feet.

Super Load: Depends on the route. Consult with Arkansas DOT or SOS.

Arkansas Weight Guide

Legal Weight Limit: 80,000 lbs gross weight of vehicle(s) and cargo on 5 or more axles. Must meet federal bridge formula for 80,000 lbs. Steer Axle 12,000-20,000 lbs and must be rated for weight by manufacturer.

Permit Weight Range: Above 80,000 lbs and below 180,000 lbs. Please contact Arkansas DOT.

Super Load: Gross Weight Exceeds 180,000 lbs.

Weight Escort Qty: Always check with the state, all loads are different based on bridge capacity, road capacity, etc. They will help guide the route and necessary escorts.

Special Instructions:

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Fide Freight hopes you find this information helpful and valuable to your company or operation. If you would like to learn more, please visit our Heavy Haul Resource Center or our State by State Compliance Guide.

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Click Here to see the State of Arkansas DOT Rules PDF.

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