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Arizona Over-Size and Heavy Guide

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Arizona Over-Size and Heavy Guide

This page is a guide to the general wide, tall and heavy transportation rules, regulations, and permits. We have sourced links at the bottom of this page to get our readers all of the information possible. Our goal and purpose is to enable any person to move high, wide and heavy loads throughout America. For more information or to request a quote, please click here. 

Arizona Width Guide

Legal Width Limit: Eight (8) Feet (6) Inches is the legal width for Arizona. 8’ if the maximum width of the route is further restricted under

Permit Width Range: Any width between legal above and 14 feet wide will require a permit.

Width Escort Qty 1: Loads greater than fourteen (14) feet and up to Fourteen (14) feet wide require one (1) escort car in the back or the front. On Interstates, you will need one (1) pilot car in the front.

Width Escort Qty 2: Only on two (2) lane roads, loads with a width of fourteen (14) feet or greater will require front and rear pilot cars. ADOT recommends having two (2) escorts on all roads.

Super Load: Any width over Fourteen (14) feet wide.

Special: Super Loads require a Class C Permit.

Applications for class C permits should ideally be submitted via the ADOT ePRO System.  They do have other options but we strongly suggest you use the method they prefer. While it’s not a 100% guarantee you can usually get a Class C permit in 48 hours (excluding evenings, weekends and state holidays). Once it is approved you will see pending/approved/refused when you log in. The fee is $30 for class C shipments that are no greater than 18 feet in height and/or width and 80,000 pounds. Shipments that are over 80,000 pounds are $90. Shipments that are over 18 feet in height and width, but not over 80,000 pounds, are $40. For shipments that are greater than 18 feet in height and width and/or 80,000 pounds are $100.  Typical class C permits are only valid for 4 working days unless otherwise specified. In order to obtain a class C permit extension beyond the 4 day working allowance you must either have inclement weather issues or equipment breakdown issues.

ADOT ePRO payment screen if requesting 3 a.m. or weekend movement for loads up to 16 feet wide and 16 feet high. The entire route must be designated for night movement, weekend movement or both or it will be denied.

For mobile home shipments:
  • 16 feet wide
  • 16 feet high
  • 120 feet in overall length (vehicle and load combination length)
  • 80,000 pounds combined gross vehicle weight rating
  • Within statutory axle group weight limits

Arizona Height Guide

Legal Height Limit: The overall height of the load on the trailer cannot exceed (14) Fourteen Feet. (13’ 6” if the maximum height of the route is further restricted
under R17-6-412)

Permit Height Range: Any height between legal height limit (above) and 1 Escort height (below). Or up to Sixteen (16) Feet will require a permit.

Height Escort Qty 1: Loads greater than Sixteen (16) Feet will require one (1) front escort or rear escort.

Height Escort Qty 2: The State of Arizona’s DOT does not specify a height where two (2) escorts are required but it is recommended to have two.

Survey and Bucket Trucks: Loads greater than seventeen (17) feet in height require a pole car escort. Any load that is greater than 15 feet tall might need a route survey. Bucket trucks may not be required, but if driver gets pushed off an approved route due to car accident blocking path, constructions, emergency vehicles, then a bucket truck can enable the crew to pass underneath low hanging wires.

Super Load: Total height above sixteen (16) feet. Requires Class C Permit.

Arizona Length Guide

Legal Length Limit: Legal Length for 53′ Trucks is 65′ on Non-designated roads and 56′ on interstate highways.

Legal Overhang: 

  • Front: Three (3) Feet.
  • Rear: Six (6) Feet.

Permit Length Range: Any height between legal height limit (above) and 1 Escort height (below). Or up to one hundred and twenty (120) feet.

Length Escort Qty 1:

  • Any load that is 120 feet or more will require one (1) Escort.
  • Any load with overhang greater than twenty (20) feet will require an escort.

Length Escort Qty 2:

  • A front and a rear escort are required for lengths greater than 125 feet up to 150 feet. ALDOT may require additional escorts for lengths less than 150 feet when deemed necessary.

Front & Rear Police Escorts: Front and rear law enforcement escorts are required for lengths greater than 150 feet.

Super Load: One Hundred and Twenty (120) feet of length or more.

Arizona Weight Guide

Legal Weight Limit: The Legal weight for the state of Arizona is 80,000 pounds (36287.39 Kgs) Gross Weight. 12,000 lbs on steer axle.

Permit Weight Range: Please see the axle guide under ADOT’s PDF file below. Single axle is 28,000 pounds maximum. All tandem, tridum, trunnion and quadem axle configurations depend on axle spacings and tire sizes. Gross weight maximums: 5 axles is 104,000 pounds, 6 axles is 108,000 pounds, 7 axles is 117,000 pounds.

Super Load: Gross Weight Exceeds 250,000 lbs.

Special Instructions: A Class C Tridem Permit can now be obtained to allow 59,168 pounds at 9′ of Tridem axle spacing (57,960 at 8′, 60,000 at 10′). However, this is only for travel on Interstates 10, 19 and 40, and for the portions of SR68 and US93 connecting I-40 and the Nevada line.  Any other (including detour) routes will disqualify you.

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Fide Freight hopes you find this information helpful and valuable to your company or operation. If you would like to learn more, please visit our Heavy Haul Resource Center or our State by State Compliance Guide.

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Click Here to see the State of Arizona’s DOT Rules PDF.

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