Bad Weather Causes Logistical Solutions

Bad weather has caused a plethora of issues for most logistics companies across the U.S. With historic snow storms parading across most of the continental United States, we have experienced road closures, power outages, and cancellations from our shippers and consignees like never before.

According to Caitlin Owens and Shawna Chen, writers for, the “Winter storm [caused] widespread delays of COVID vaccine shipments.” They also noted that:

The CDC did not specify how many doses scheduled for delivery this week will be impacted.

  • The Texas Department of State Health Services tweeted that it expects this week’s shipments to arrive Wednesday at the earliest, depending on local conditions.
  • In Houston, the public health agency lost power and had to distribute thousands of shots before they went bad.
  • The grocery chain Publix stopped taking vaccine appointments in Florida, South Carolina and Georgia due to shipping delays
  • The weather is expected to disrupt vaccine shipments from a FedEx facility in Tennessee and a UPS installation in Kentucky, which both operate as shipping hubs for several states, the Biden administration said.


Winter Storm Uri Brings Ice And Snow Across Widespread Parts Of The Nation

Irina Slav from noted that the “Texas Freeze [Caused] Largest Ever U.S. Oil Production Decline.”  Click Here to read more about that. Along with the decline in Oil Production, many of our clients have reported power outages. Nicholas Reimann and Carlie Porterfield from Forbes have Texas Officials do not know when the power will be back on. They also reported that citizens are lining up by the hundreds for Grocery and Pharmacy goods. Read more about that here.


The Weather Channel has reported that 73% of the U.S. is Covered in Snow, Most Widespread Coverage in 17 Years. Below is a Snow Depth Estimation created by the Weather Channel. Click here to read their full article.



Fide Freight puts driver safety at the top of our list. Safety includes abiding all local, state, and federal laws with our shipments and not running through hazardous conditions. We are working through this logistical mess to make sure your shipments arrive. Please bare with us and all logistics company’s as we are putting in the extra effort to get through these short spurts of dangerous weather.

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