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The transportation of Industrial hemp has come a long ways from last year. Fide Freight has been working tirelessly with the DOT, Law Enforcement, AG Checkpoints, US Customs, and Border Patrol to enable us to transport hemp effectively and efficiently. The daily work load that each of our employees endure is more than your typical 9-5 worker. We are constantly “educating” all of the agencies listed previously on the legalities of Industrial Hemp and CBD products. It is our job to protect your shipments.

When it comes to mitigating risk, we recommend that the shippers do a few small things to reduce any questions/issues we may experience on a day-to-day basis. This things include professional packaging, proper documentation, odor-less packages.

Listen to this podcast to here what our co-founder Zach Wilcox and Sales Rep Kyle Talsma have to say about shipping and their experiences.

Industrial bulk hemp transportation solutions. Fide Freight is a complete logistics solution providing a full range of services in long and short distance freight and international shipments.

Zack Wilcox and Kyle Talsma talk to CannTrades Mark Restelli about helping hemp companies with their transportation needs. Produced By MJ Bulls


Professional Packaging for Hemp Shipping

Most of the time, packaging is not the issue for transporting hemp. Honestly, whatever you choose to package your product in is legal and okay to ship. The downside is, we operate in a new industry that is closely related to the cannabis industry. With that being said, law enforcement have a hard time deciphering between lawful hemp shipments and unlawful cannabis shipments. Since they look and smell similar, we encourage our customers to pack it in high quality “Manufacturing Grade” boxes and pallets (sometimes crates). This reduces the chances of inspections or seizures when it comes to transporting your industrial hemp. Not to mention, it will impress your customers and differentiate your business from your competitors.

Here are a few examples of recent shipments we have completed:

Proper Documentation for CBD Transport

Documentation are your ticket to validity in the Hemp/CBD Freight world. Fide Freight has always pushed for documentation to help anyone understand what you are shipping. Obviously, a third party lab test and Hemp License are always required, but Fide Freight goes above and beyond with some internal documents that we attach with every load to mitigate the risk of inspections.

Law Enforcement has given us positive feedback and encourages us to continue our high standards of shipping. With this level of feedback, we are confident in shipping any hemp product you may have, both domestically and to select foreign countries.

Odorless Packaging

Imagine driving down the road and getting a whiff of cannabis. It doesn’t take long before you realize that the guy who just pulled out in front of you has a strong odor coming from his vehicle. Well, that is what it’s like hauling a full load of biomass or hemp flower. We are statistically more likely to be pulled over and as a result have to go through our law enforcement protocols to avoid issues and protect our customers product. No, we have never lost a shipment, but that doesn’t mean we do not want to have more encounters with them and increase the odd’s of getting an uneducated bad cop. Please make sure you package your product in odorless bags or boxes. It helps.



Fide Freight has been recognized for our excellence in hemp transportation in Hemp Benchmarks, Hemp Today, and a few smaller outlets. We have helped over 200 customers with hauling hemp bales, biomass (supersacks), hemp flower, crude, distillate, isolate, and more.
We fully comply with federal and state regulations as they change and would like to get an opportunity to lessen your workload by contracting some of your recurring lanes.
Canada is fair game. We have successfully transported truck loads (yes big truck loads) of hemp biomass into Canada with proper permits and clearance. Fide’s attention to detail helps enable our customers to reach new markets. We are also able to bring high volumes of product to the EU and Switzerland with our European network of customs brokers and bonded warehouse’s.
If you or someone you know is looking to transport hemp, please reach out to us and get a quote. At the very least we can help consult you on state or federal guidelines.

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