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Helping the Hemp Industry during the Western Wildfires

Helping the Hemp Industry during the Western Wildfires

The deadly and devastating wildfires in the Western United States are forcing the U.S. hemp
industry to scramble, as it attempts to save and preserve its crops both in the field and already in
storage. Fide has been there to help the local farmers during the wildfires.

The Worst Possible Time for Many Farmers

These wildfires come as many hemp cultivators have begun their annual harvest, making the end
of this season particularly difficult. It’s also prompted some earlier-than-expected harvests, as
those farmers work to save their livelihoods.

Our Call to Action

As one of the nation’s first and foremost companies in the hemp transportation sector, we have
been contacted by a wide variety of hemp farmers and processors in the affected regions. Fide
Freight is bringing its shipping expertise into play at this critical moment for the hemp industry,
in an effort to keep the vital hemp crop clean and marketable.
Fide Freight has received a growing number of requests to move large quantities of hemp in the
western U.S. and especially within Oregon, one of the country’s premier hemp-growing regions
and a state that’s been particularly hard-hit by the wildfires.

Moving Product to Safety, Relocating Operations

Hemp farmers in areas affected and threatened by the fires have been asking us to move their
product 10, 20, or in some cases up to 100 miles down the road to new storage locations. Some
are also moving their hemp to processing facilities, to reduce the amount of product they
currently have in storage.
Fide Freight is also assisting hemp companies as they work to stay in business, by relocating
their operations away from the wildfires, even as those efforts are being hampered by a variety of

Dangers for All Involved

Closed and blocked roads in the fire-affected regions are causing all trucks to take longer routes,
leading to some shipment delays. There are also less trucks currently available, due to the lack of
shipments coming out of the area, as well as concerns about driver safety and health issues.
We’re grateful that, so far, there have been no injuries to Fide Freight’s truckers, or any damage
to its vehicles, due to the wildfires.

Helping the Industry Recover

Fide Freight is committed to helping the hemp industry through this crisis, by working hard to
ensure the hemp industry in the fire-affected areas has a variety of fair transportation options
available to them. Shipping rates have risen dramatically due to the wildfires, but we’re trying to

provide the best rates possible to help the farmers. Our company’s goal is to provide value to the
hemp industry and to not exploit this natural disaster.
Assessing the Damage

It will probably be weeks, if not months, before the wildfires are extinguished and the full extent
of the damage is understood. In the meantime Fide Freight is using its experience in hemp
shipping logistics to make sure the hemp industry remains operational, and to help it recover
from this crisis.


We offer our sincere sympathies to all who have suffered during these fires. To those in the
hemp industry, Fide is here to help your business, to bring you solutions and to be your logistics
partner. Let us work for you.
If you have any questions or would like a quote, please reach out to us at (313) 651-7060, email
us at info@fidefreight.com, or go to our request a quote page to get a live quote in 15 minutes!
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