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How do I transport smaller quantities of hemp?

What is the most cost effective method to ship 100-2000 lbs of hemp biomass or hemp flower? We offer our expedited sprinter van service. These vans can hold up to 3 standard pallets worth of cargo and are by far the most cost effective option we have. They are uniquely beneficial for anyone who is concerned with the following: speed of transit, the security of transit, and the reliability of transit.

Speed Of Transit

Sprinters are the most ideal mode for fast transit times (1000 miles per day). We can source sprinters all over the United States and at any time. They can run a dedicated load, which means that your cargo is the only cargo on the van.

Security Of Transit

The security of any load is of utmost importance. Not only do we take it very seriously, but we also work to improve it and separate ourselves from the industry standards. We offer more insurance (insurance calculator) to cover these loads, in case of a total loss. We educate our drivers on the importance of the cargo and why it cannot be left alone. Finally, we take precautions to ensure that it is not tampered with. These precautions include locking all doors, seals on the doors, and locks if requested!

Reliability Of Transit

This is our bread and butter. We know we separate ourselves from the competition out there because we use our preferred carriers on all sprinter van loads. The relationships we have developed with our partners are one of the most important things.

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