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Logistics of Shipping Hemp to Canada

Canada Hemp Logistics

Fide Freights hemp logistics experts have enabled our customers to sell in foreign markets. One of those markets is our northern neighbor, Canada. It is legal to get certain strains across the border, but it is still a huge undertaking. We have a world-class customs partner and the some of the most knowledgeable drivers, but we still have to due diligence with hemp. Fide Freight is excited to announce that we have a clear path into Ontario with a proven track record of success.

Canadian hemp shipments require you to have permits, legal strains, licensed processors to receive the product, PARS, customs, COA’s, Licenses/registration, and more. Drivers must have experience at the border, have certain documents stamped by border agents, and have patience for a potentially lengthy inspected. Fide Freight is the central hub to not only obtain all the documents, but we will ensure that your cargo flows through the border as smoothly as possible. We will have our operations team watch over your shipment as it crosses.

We also ship internationally to Europe. Canada, although our neighbor, can be much more difficult than Europe. Health Canada has strict requirements that can delay your permits. Along with that, you are crossing the border with potentially thousands of pounds of hemp. This commodity is still in its infancy stage, most border agents will mistake it as a cannabis product, warranting an inspection and explanation. Fide Freight will ensure that all product will be backed with our documents and customs documents. With all available information, they will not logically turn your product away from entering Canada.

Don’t have a licensed processor to import your biomass? Well, under very strict constraints we have acquired a relationship with our own Licensed Processor in Canada. They are willing to import compliant biomass, for a fee, and redistribute it to other licensed processors. Contact Fide Freight if you are interested.

Going forward, we are willing to work on any shipment going over the border, as long as you can provide us with documents. Fide Freight does it’s due diligence with paperwork making sure you get clearance before we send the truck. If you have any questions please contact us today. Consultations are always free.

If you would like to learn more about Fide Freights Hemp Logistics team, please read our article about domestic hemp transportation here. We also offer another article featuring our international hemp logistics when shipping overseas. Finally, our Hemp Resource Center gives more information in regards to the different forms of hemp and how we recommend shipping it.


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