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Why Not Use USPS? Advantages of Using a Logistics Company

What makes our service better than USPS? We get this question all the time and the there are plenty of reasons to choose Fide.

Personalization | Door-to-Door, Scheduling, Changes In-Transit

This is by far the biggest advantage we offer over USPS. Have you ever had a shipment in-transit and the drop location changed or no one would be available at drop-off for a few hours? USPS will charge you extra for these items and isn’t very accommodating.

Our personalized service provides you with everything you need to make a shipment go smoothly. We provide a door-to-door service that works around your schedule. All you have to do is tell your personal logistics rep the size of your shipment and they will find the most effective solution and accommodate to your needs.

Economical Solution | Cost Effective

USPS is cheaper to ship when you look at the raw cost of shipping. However, prepping every single box and the labor associated with getting a shipment ready exceeds our shipping costs. We are often about 10% more expensive than USPS but you don’t have to put as much labor into prepping a shipment.

Next time you ship a package with USPS calculate the time it takes you to prepare for the shipment and getting it setup in USPS’s system. When using Fide you give us a call and we take it from there. Have one ag license and COA for our driver and begin loading! It’s that easy.

Reliability | Zero Confiscations & Hold Ups

We’ve all heard the story of a licensed USPS hemp handler getting their package held up. It’s unknown why and when USPS will hold up your package, this happens all the time and USPS hasn’t responded to the problem.

We create special routings and driving schedules to ensure that we won’t be in any problem areas. To date, we have never had a package confiscated or held up for more than 2 hours (ended up with a speeding ticket). Our driver’s understand exactly what they are hauling and how to handle any issues with law enforcement.

If you have more questions involving how to move your hemp efficiently we can help.

Call or email us today and get a prompt response!

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