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South Dakota One Step Closer, Idaho Kills Bill For Hemp Legalization

With every shipment, there are two states to avoid – South Dakota and Idaho. Both of these states have stated in the past that they are not hemp friendly and have introduced strict regulations for hemp traveling through their state. Idaho has gone so far to require shipments to be declared and tested within the state. In most cases, this can take days to get the driver back on the road. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem vetoed a hemp bill last year and has stated she is still personally against legalization of hemp production.

South Dakota – 3/17/2020

Gov. Kristi Noem and lawmakers have reached a deal to legalize hemp in the state, it has been stated that $3.5 million has been secured in the budget for the state to start an industrial hemp program.

Lawmakers argued for a few hours to implement a much cheaper program but agreed to meet the governor’s number. If Noem signs the bill, it will take immediate effect. According to USNews, the state still need to get its hemp plan approved by the U.S. Dept of Agriculture.

Idaho – 3/17/2020

The Idaho House State Affairs Committee had a hearing on March 10 to discuss the current hemp bill proposal, Senate Bill 1345. This would have authorized industrial hemp production only and exclude cannabidiol (CBD) oil. However, after two days of testimony, a House committee voted 8-7 to kill the legislation to legalize hemp farming and transportation in Idaho. Now there are only two states that have yet to legalize industrial hemp — Idaho and Mississippi.


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