Shipping Medical Equipment

Shipping Medical Equipment

2020 has been a roller coaster of emotions. We have had the threat of war, re-election politics, and now an epidemic. Coronavirus has been the topic of discussion for the last month. It started in Wuhan China and has now spread all over the world. The United States is taking precautions by shutting down schools, stopping incoming flights from heavily infected countries, and by releasing advisory’s for parts of the United States. It seems that everywhere you look, medical equipment is needed to help aid the effort to control the disease. That is why Fide Freight is jumping in to help. We are committed to transporting Medical Equipment to help aid anyone in need.

Our services include the United States domestic freight as well as international medical equipment shipments. We have the ability to ship via LTL, FTL, Partials, Rail, Ocean, Air, and even expedited. Fide Freight knows how critical it is to get these shipments on time, that is why we are so widely recommended. Please give us a call today and we will give you a FREE quote on your next medical equipment shipment. We will work to find the most cost-efficient way to ship your medical equipment while getting it there as fast as possible.

Types of Medical Equipment

Fide Freight has recently seen a surge in Medical Masks, Thermometers, tissues, and goggles. This is the direct result of Coronavirus. Any and all medical equipment shipments will be accepted by Fide Freight and shipped out to any country that we can legally go. With constant changes to where we can and cannot ship, it is best to call an expert at Fide Freight to find out where you can go.


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