Coronavirus Impact on Domestic Shipping

Coronavirus Impact on Domestic Shipping

Attached is a video from Freight Waves, a widely known and trusted source of freight news. They gave us a breakdown of the market as it is now and even gave us an economic update. This video is definitely worth looking at.



Panic is our worst enemy. According to statistics, this disease is only a threat if you are older and have underlying conditions. The facts are that if you are 30 years of age or less, then you have an incredibly high chance of living. Over 99%. The only real problems that the coronavirus will cause are with our incomes. If we have to shut down businesses, or shut down cities, then how will those people keep up with their payments? The problem is if we still pay the employees, then the business owners will fall behind. If we don’t pay the employees, then the individuals and families will fall behind. What is the right solution?


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