Heavy Haul Transportation

Heavy Haul Transportation

It is tough finding the right company to move your heavy and/or over-dimensional load. You want to make sure it is in the right hands the first time because a mistake could be catastrophic. There is a reason why our customers come back to us for their heavy haul transportation service. We know how to get over dimensional loads delivered. Heavy hauling is a delicate, yet back-braking process that. The driver needs to follow specific routing, have a good understanding of weight distribution, know the limits of his/her capabilities, and know how to get the job done right. Call Fide Freight and see how we can help make your heavy haul project problem free!

Heavy Haul Shipping and Insurance

Fide Freight will insure any over dimensional and/or heavy haul project. We have $100,000 cargo insurance policy base that comes with every shipment, but we can get over $1,000,000 to cover your delicate and expensive shipments. Our experts are excited to learn about your heavy haul shipment, so give us a call today.

Best Company’s to Ship Over Dimensional

Always do your due diligence when obtaining quotes on your over dimensional or heavy shipment. Fide Freight can give you references from satisfied customers. They made the leap and trusted us to get the job done right the first time and we did not disappoint. Their heavy haul shipments went flawlessly and they still turn to us when another heavy haul project arises. Quality is the best kind of advertising, let us show you how we get over dimensional shipments done! We ship CAT equipment, John Deere, Grove Cranes, Large Machines, tanks/containers and more.

Compare Heavy Haul Rates

After you request a quote, Fide Freight will automatically search for the best permitted shipping rates for you. We will find the most optimal truck, with the best driver, to quickly and effectively move your over dimensional shipment. Our service is superior because we care about your delicate heavy shipment. Give us a call today and learn more about our heavy haul shipping service!

Extremely Big Shipments

There is nothing too big to ship. Fide will ship any sized equipment, machine, or device. Even when you are shipping massive equipment, we will take care of the pilot cars, police escorts, permits, routing, and planning coordination. You will essentially get a breakdown of what we are going to do right before it ships, which will help you understand the complexities of heavy hauling. Our job is to make your over dimensional project go as smoothly as possible. Call Fide Freight and talk to us about your next big over dimensional and over weight project.

Long Distance Over Weight & Over Dimensional Shipping

The longer the better. We will be able to negotiate better shipping rates for your big project if you are shipping long distances. Our routing team will be able to navigate from East to West, West to East, North to South, or South to North. It does not matter where your heavy haul is going, we will get it there on-time and on-budget. Every heavy haul will be safely secured by a professional and we will monitor it until it is delivered. Rest assured your permitted load is in good hands here at Fide Freight.

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