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Coronavirus Update: How it’s affecting Shipments

We have all heard about coronavirus, but we didn’t think it was having a huge impact on the United States. WRONG.


International Shipments

China has been importing all sorts of medical equipment to try and keep up with the demand. NY Times reports that China’s doctors are begging for masks, which is why we are exporting so much.

Corona Virus has had a major impact on our international freight. No, we were not trying to ship to China, we are trying to send our CBD products to Europe. Unfortunately, all the cargo planes are re-routing to send supplies to the infected country’s. We can normally source a cargo plane within a week, however, one of our shipments in California has been held up for 3 weeks now. Other shipments are now being delayed due to the lack of cargo planes. Luckily, our ocean freight has been moving steadily, so if you are looking to ship your products internationally, please reach out and get a quote.

Domestic Shipments

We have seen a major change in capacity out in the California and west coast region in the last few weeks. Since we are not receiving from China, load capacity has shifted dramatically. There is only a fraction of the cargo coming out of California when compared to January and December. That has forced truckers to drop their rates in desperation to get loads.


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