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How to ship Hemp Internationally

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One of the most common questions we incur is about international shipments. The US hemp market is taking off and other international markets are not quite there in terms of cannabinoid content. That is why buyer’s are coming to the US to acquire hemp, preferably that contains 10+ percent CBD content.

Fide Freight is the carrier you want to use for shipping hemp and hemp-derived CBD oil internationally. As of 2019, Fide Freight has been successfully shipping pallets and containers to a long list of countries that allow CBD and Hemp products.

After comparing the risks of using a parcel service, it is clear that Fide Freight would be the best partner to ship your hemp products internationally. Read below to find out why.

3 Reasons Hemp Shipments are Being Seized

Sourcing the material is the easy part but the logistics is the real challenge. Shipping internationally is possible but it requires due diligence from the shipping partner, shipper, and receiver.

Have the correct paperwork

When booking an international shipment, it is important to have the proper paperwork. This is not only true for international shipments, but even more so with hemp shipments. The United States customs law enforcement will most likely target your shipment due to suspicious smell or the fact that we claim it is hemp.

To combat this, we require that our customers gather up all documents ahead of time and send them in for review with our legal team. This review will prevent delays while the shipment is in progress.

Professional and stable packaging

Professional packaging is very overlooked when sending your shipment to another country. As a hemp shipper, you do not want to draw attention to yourself. The more attention it gets, the more delays we will run into.

That is why we require that the shipment does not give off strong odors, is packed in a labeled box, tote, crate or other means of professional shipping, and has the appropriate paperwork posted all over it.

Another thing to consider is the stability of the package. Most biomass shipments are sent in supersacks. Although this is great for trucking domestically, it would not hold up so well in an airplane or possibly on a container. We recommend adding stability to the shipment by building a crate or by reinforcing the supersacks (especially if they are stacked 2 high).

Import country rules and regulations

This is a very often overlooked. Most companies do not check the rules for hemp in other countries. They assume they are the same as the United States. Please do your due diligence before asking for a quote. We will help you if you do not have the information, but it is always best to do your homework ahead of time.

Understand the environment of importing/exporting goods

Importing and exporting products is no easy task. Even when you are shipping common commodities. There are so many moving parts that can cause delays. We recommend partnering with a company that will do their part in calling ahead, planning, following rules and regulations to a tee, and has the experience of moving these products.

If you have more questions involving how to move your hemp efficiently we can help.

Call or email us today and get a prompt response!

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