Shipping Smokable Hemp Flower

Shipping Hemp Flower

Smokable hemp flower is as close to “hot” marijuana as you can get in terms of smell and look. That’s concerning for individuals trying to ship the hemp. However, it isn’t any more difficult than shipping biomass or live plants. You must always have the proper documentation, professional packaging, and a well-versed carrier who is willing to haul it.

Typically, hemp flower shipments are much lighter shipments than biomass. This is why sprinter vans offer a great solution. Sprinter vans like the one below offer a lot of advantages:

  • Travel up to 1000 miles per day
  • Secure with alarm systems
  • Can carry up to 3000 lbs and 3 pallets (48″x40″) worth of space
  • Most economical for smaller shipments
Sprinter Vans for hemp Shipments

Sprinter vans also don’t have to stop at DOT checkpoints or weigh-ins. Fide Freight has shipped over 400,000 lbs of hemp flower and has never had any hemp confiscated. If you are trying to ship hemp and want a secure, fast and economical solution then request a quote and hear back from us within 15 minutes today!

If you have any other questions about how to avoid issues with shipments please feel free to contact us.

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