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3 Reasons hemp shipments are still being seized

Yes, hemp is still being seized. We hear about it at least once a week where officers mistake hemp for marijuana and the entire shipment gets seized. This scares everyone who is in the industry because it is crucial when setting up deals to have a reliable and secure transportation company that will get your sometimes expensive shipment from A to B. Below are 3 reasons why hemp shipments are still being seized:

Lack of Proper Documentation

This is one of the most common reasons why hemp shipments continue to get seized. If you are working with a logistics company that doesn’t understand the proper documentation involved in a hemp shipment then your shipment is bound to get seized. How would a cop be able to tell the difference between marijuana and hemp if there isn’t a certificate of analysis from a certified lab and registration of the grower/processor/broker involved.

Unprofessional Packaging

This still happens very often where a shipper lacks the capability of professionally packaging the hemp. What we like to see with hemp shipments is bagged or vacuum sealed bags in cardboard boxes. It tends to look conspicuous if the package is wrapped in duct tape and packed into a duffle bag. Unprofessional packaging leads to more questions by law enforcement so make sure to take the time to package your products properly (customers appreciate that too).

Uninformed Carriers/Drivers

This is one of the most important rules. A driver must be aware of the commodity that they are hauling prior to accepting the shipment. We put all of our carriers/drivers through a rigorous process so that they understand the documentation to show and numbers to have law enforcement call if something were to happen. We have been pulled over on a few separate occasions (Read about our shipment stopped in Wyoming) and officers called the requested numbers so our drivers were back on the road within an hours time.

If you have any other questions about how to avoid issues with shipments please feel free to contact us.

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