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NEW! Drop Trailer Program to Improve Efficiency.

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Fide Freight has been helping Farmers not only move their product, but connect with additional processors and buyers. We have a philosophy of “helping” our customers in any way we can. Today, we are proud to announce that we are starting our drop trailer program!

What is a Drop Trailer?

A drop trailer is where we leave a 53′ enclosed trailer at your company’s dock. You can keep them there as long as you want and when it is fully loaded and ready to go, we come and pick it up and bring it to your customer!

What is the Benefit of Using Drop Trailers?

There are a few benefits. First, you have more time to load the trailers. Normally we give the shipper 3 hours to load/unload a truck. Now you can have a trailer stay on site for a day, two days, or even a week!

Second, this is perfect for companies that are shipping to the same location every day or week! We can drop a trailer, wait for you to load it, come back swap out the fully-loaded trailer with an empty one, then deliver it to your customer for a fixed rate!

Third, we can lock the price down to a yearly contract! Please reach out to us if you are interested!

Fide Freight is Looking to Partner with Processors

If you are a processor (or even a large farmer) who is continuously shipping to the same location, then we want to meet you! Our goal is to HELP! Call us and we can negotiate volume discounts and increase your supply chain efficiency and efficacy!

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